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Fugitive: Brawler Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Every kill you get will increase your next melee attack damage by 100%, up to a maximum of 1600%. This effect gets reset when striking an enemy with a melee attack.
Ace (4 pt): Whenever you kill an enemy with a melee attack, you will gain a 50% increase in reload speed for 10 seconds.


Bloodthirst Basic allows the player to "store" 100% of their melee weapon's damage upon scoring a kill with any ranged weapon, which stacks up to 16 times, effectively multiplying the next melee hit's damage by 17. The added damage applies to all manners of melee attacks, charged or not.

Acing the skill simply makes the player reload slightly faster for 10 seconds after scoring a melee kill.


Bloodthirst Basic works best with a highly-damaging melee weapon like, say the Shinsakuto Katana or Great Sword due to their currently highest charged damage in their class. Assuming the player can manage 16 kills with their ranged weapon(s), they can deal out approximately 7,650 damage with a charged melee attack, enough to kill all but Bulldozers on One Down difficulty. However due to the amount of kills needed to reach its full potential, a Bloodthirst-enhanced melee strike should generally be reserved for more beefy opponents.

Bloodthirst Aced is rather straightforward. Due to it requiring a melee weapon to activate, the skill would benefit most shotguns, LMGs and SMGs more than it would assault rifles and sniper rifles due to the former's greater effectiveness up close. To limit the chances of being shot at while reloading, the Buzzer and Electrical Brass Knuckles are good complements.


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