The following skills were removed with the introduction of Update #39 along with the old Tier bonuses.

Due to the lack of updates, both features are still available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Inside ManEdit

Control Freak has replaced this skill and the aced effects merged with it.

Inside Man

Inside Man
Mastermind Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): Reduces the asset costs in the Job Overview menu by 50%.
Ace (3 pt): Unlocks special Inside Man assets in the Job Overview menu.


A player with the Inside Man skill should ideally purchase most assets in most heists, as they only pay 50% of the price. The Mastermind skill tree provides a further multiplicative 50% reduction of asset prices through the tier 6 bonus to 75%. Acing this skill also makes several exclusive assets purchasable, including a keycard on Framing Frame Day 1 and Big Bank, a poisoned cake on Big Bank, and an Expert Driver on many missions. Expert Driver completely negates the chance of an escape mission.

Inside Man can be considered very much a "team-player" skill. On certain stealth focused maps, like Framing Frame Day 1 or Big Bank, a single player with Inside Man aced offers very advantegous assets denied to people without the aced skill.

Fast LearnerEdit

This skill has been replaced by Painkillers and the full effect of this skill has been moved into the Perk Decks.

Fast Learner

Fast Learner
Mastermind Tier 2
Basic (1 pt): You gain 15% more experience for finishing days and jobs.
Ace (3 pt): Your crew gains 30% more experience when you complete days and jobs.


The experience bonus from the basic skill does stack with the experience bonus of the aced skill, resulting in a total bonus of 45%. However, if multiple players on a team have aced this skill, the bonus will be applied only once and will not stack.


Once the player reaches level 100, this skill becomes completely useless except for helping other lower players to level. However, at all lower levels, this skill is invaluable. Over the course of leveling from 0 to 100, this skill will save millions of experience points for the player, greatly increasing leveling speed. Even if the player has no desire to pursue the mastermind tree, this skill is highly recommended for any build. Once a player reaches 100, they should drop this skill to free up 4 additional skill points.

Smooth TalkerEdit

Smooth Talker has been replaced with the Spotter skill. Crews can now answer 4 pagers by default without the need of any skills.

Smooth Talker

Smooth Talker
Mastermind Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): You can successfully answer 4 pagers instead of just 2.
Ace (3 pt): Special enemies marked by you take 15% additional damage.


If a guard is killed during the stealth part of a mission, his pager will start beeping after 3 seconds. If it is ignored for 7 seconds, the pager operator on the other side will raise the alarm. To prevent this, players must answer the pager by interacting with it for a period of time. It takes 10 seconds to complete the interaction. Any given pager will beep and require attention only once; once it it successfully answered, that particular pager will not be of further concern. The first two pagers answered per mission day will always be successful upon completion of the interaction, by any player. However, third and fourth pagers on a mission day can only be successfully answered by players with the basic Smooth Talker skill, prior to the update removing this skill and granting this ability to all players. Completing the pager interaction on any pager after the second (without Smooth Talker) will result in the operator raising the alarm. Completing the pager interaction on any pager after the fourth will always fail (even with Smooth Talker).

Multiple players can attempt to answer the same pager at the same time. The first player to actually complete the interaction will trigger the appropriate response (successful persuasion or raised alarm, as described earlier), ignoring the partially completed interaction from all other players.

Interrupting an ongoing pager interaction (e.g. starting to answer it, then releasing the interaction button halfway) will cause the operator to raise the alarm immediately, unless there is anyone else answering the same pager at the same time. This potentially allows two or more players to delay a pager response indefinitely by overlapping their interaction durations.

If alarm is raised, all pager activity ceases. Players will not be able to, nor will they need to, answer any more pagers. Likewise, any ongoing answering interactions will automatically be terminated.

Only security guards carry pagers. Law enforcement officers, including street cops, and gang members of all types do not.


The following missions may require pager interaction (note that most values are incorrect for the current build of Payday 2).

  • Bank Heist Any variation can have 2-5 guards present, including guard in camera room.
  • Big Oil Day 2 contains 5 patrolling guards.
  • Diamond Store 3 or 4 guards, including guard in camera room.
  • Firestarter Day 2 will have up to 11 respawning guards. Day 3 contains 4 guards, including guard in camera room.
  • Four Stores 2 guards total.
  • Framing Frame Day 1 will have a total of 6-7 guards, including one in camera room and one stationary. Day 3 will have 5 guards.
  • GO Bank 4-6 guards will be present in addition to possible guard in the toilet, 2 potential GenSec guards at the start and 2 after a call.
  • Jewelry Store 0-3 GenSec guards can be present.
  • Mallcrasher 1-4 guards will be present, depending on difficulty. Cops outside do not have pagers.
  • Train 4-7 guards will be present outside with train possibly containing more inside. Bulldozers do not carry pagers.
  • Ukrainian Job 3-7 guards will be present, including camera guard.
  • Shadow Raid 7-8 guards will be present, along with a large (varies) number of Murkywater PMCs who also possesses pagers.

The following missions do not require pager interactionEdit

Overall, basic Smooth Talker is a very important skill if one aims to feel comfortable and be useful during stealth. Theoretically it could be enough to have one member of the team with this skill learned. However, unforeseen complications are always possible (like another guard that needs to be dispatched quickly) and it may help to have more than one player to handle this. Having several players also has an added bonus of being able to work on killing guards independently, thus speeding up mission advancement. Situations such as this are also not uncommon: multiple pagers require attention at the same time, player(s) with this skill started answering a pager first, and a player without this skill is unable to help, since both interacting with and ignoring the pager will trigger the alarm in the end. All this considerations make it one of the most generally useful skills (if your play style involves stealth and killing at all). The cost of a mere one skill point also helps, although it requires prior investment into mastermind tree.

Aced Smooth Talker is another matter entirely. Its value is questionable. If a player needs to kill an enemy very quickly (a charging Cloaker, for example), he will most likely not have time to mark him. If there is time to spare, 15% damage bonus from this skill will at most save a few bullets for weak auto-fire weapons. It is also unclear whether or not this bonus applies if a player with this skill re-marks the enemy that was already marked by a player without it. It costs 3 skill points, requires investment in mastermind tree and a point into the skill that offers advantages for a completely different situations and play style. This skill is, perhaps, at its most when used against the Bulldozers and even then it does not offer that great of a bonus, which, again, depends heavily on the whether or not players with this skill can override other players' marking.

Black MarketeerEdit

This skill's effects have been completely removed from the game.

Black Marketeer

Black Marketeer
Mastermind Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): Reduces the cost of all your purchases by 10%.
Ace (8 pt): Further reduces the cost of all your purchases by 20% and selling items is now 25% more lucrative.


Black Marketeer has no tangible effect on in-heist gameplay, though it acts as a permanent 10% "discount" on all purchasable contracts, skills or items in the store. Acing the skill brings the discount value up to 40% and increases the sellback value of weapons, weapon mods and masks by 25%. This skill has no effect on the price of slots, which still cost $800,000 on-hand in all cases.


Black Marketeer does not affect gameplay at all while a heist is in progress. Its effect comes into play only when the player is buying contracts, weapons, or skills. Acing the skill will also increase profits from sold weapons by the listed percentage. Because it neither impedes nor aids the progress of any specific heists, players creating serious, maximum efficiency builds will likely not want to use this skill. Note that penny-pinchers can ace this skill before making large purchases, then immediately respec it back out, possibly saving money regardless. Likewise it is useful to grab just before stocking up all open slots, then going through with an Infamy reset.


  • The Black Marketeer is probably named after the black market seller.

Improved CraftingEdit

This skill's effects have been completely removed from the game.

Improved Crafting

Improved Crafting
Technician Tier 3
Basic (1 pt): Your cost of weapon crafting is reduced by 10%.
Ace (3 pt): Your cost of mask crafting is reduced by 10%.


As stated, this skill reduces the cost of adding modifications to weapons (basic) and creating masks (aced) by 10%.


It is inadvisable to get this skill, as it has no impact on gameplay while a heist is in progress, and it has very little impact outside of that. Creating masks provides no advantage to gameplay and is purely a social mechanic. By the time a player desires a mask, he or she will likely have more than enough money to make one, even without this skill. The weapon crafting cost reduction is arguably more useful, as modifying weapons does impact heisting. However, as before, weapon mods are unlocked slowly by collecting cards. By the time a player has the mods to attach, money is likely not a limiting factor.

Players with the Gage Shotgun Pack may find costs to be generally prohibitive, even at a high level. Switching between firing loadouts will cost a significant amount of spending money, especially if installing damage mods.


  • This skill isn't incorrect when it grants a 10% boost to crafting costs, but the Technician tier bonuses will add values of 1 and 4% to their respective field.

Blast RadiusEdit

This skill has been replaced by Jack Of All Trades and Tactical Mines basics, which together increase the trip mine radius equal to the aced version.

Blast Radius

Blast Radius
Technician Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): The radius of trip mine explosions are increased by 25%.
Ace (8 pt): The radius is further increased by 75%.


Quite simply, this skill increases the range over which trip mines deal damage to enemies and destructible objects on the map. This increase in radius does not affect how many boxes are destroyed when trucks are blown open on Transport heists, nor does it affect the contents of safes.

Because of the explosion mechanics in PAYDAY 2, the trip mine deals lethal damage to anything in its area of effect, with the exception of Death Wish Bulldozers. Damage does not diminish or intensify in relation to the target's distance from the mine when it explodes.[1]


If a player intends to use their trip mines only as shaped charges, this skill has no effect on gameplay and should probably not be purchased. However, for those adept at using trip mines as offensive weapons; this skill will be needed to make trip mines more effective on later levels.

Even with the basic upgrade, trip mines will be capable of wiping out a large group of enemies nearby, roughly the size of the front lobby area of the Harvest and Trustee bank. Once aced, trip mines are capable of clearing just about any enclosed space of hostiles in one go, with the slight exception of a Bulldozer at full health. However, because of Payday 2's largely urban setting, the aced version of the skill will rarely be of benefit as most areas can be covered by a single mine for maximum damage with the right placement using just the basic version. So for the sake of conserving points, it is best not to ace this skill.

Using one or both of the blast radius upgrades also make trip mines more viable as anti-swarm weapons by turning them off or setting them to sensor mode so enemies do not automatically trip them, and manually detonating them with a grenade or gunfire once a sufficient amount of enemies have massed near the mine.


  1. Frankelstner's "The Long Guide"

Lucky CharmEdit

This skill's effects have been completely removed from the game.

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm
Ghost Tier 6
Basic (4 pt): Your chance of getting a higher quality item during a PAYDAY is increased by 50%.
Ace (8 pt): Your chance is further increased by 200%.


This skill increases the chance to receive an infamous item during a PAYDAY by the listed amount. Masks are generally the most sought after Infamous item, and with the odds of this skill mean that if a mask is selected in the PAYDAY card screen, there is a 10% chance that it will be an Infamous mask. David Goldfarb, the development director of Payday 2, tweeted that in reality the statistical likelihood is much lower.


This skill has no impact on gameplay during a heist. Its only benefit is during the payday, when it increases the chance of an infamous item drop by the listed amount. Players seeking highly efficient builds should likely not invest in this skill, as it has no use in a heist, whereas players seeking to farm items will benefit greatly from this skill.

To farm cards effectively, players will likely wish to complete a simple and quick heist. Jewelry Store is the ideal candidate for this mission, because it can be completed by a group of players in under 30 seconds, and the contract is cheap to purchase. Even a solitary player with an ECM jammer can complete the mission in a short amount of time, maximizing the number of cards earned in a short period.

Players who have invested in the first Infamy tier can expect a much higher drop rate.


  • The skill's icon is a four leaf clover, a notorious symbolistic sign of luck.
  • The skill isn't exactly wrong when it states that it grants a 250% total increase, but the Tier 6 Ghost Bonus of 10% will always be applied, as the skill is Tier 6. This makes a grand total of 260%
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