Note: Since Update #39 this skill has been replaced by Partner In Crime and this skill's effects have been completely removed from the PC version of the game. This skill is still available on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions.

Black Marketeer

Black Marketeer
Mastermind Tier 5
Basic (4 pt): Reduces the cost of all your purchases by 10%.
Ace (8 pt): Further reduces the cost of all your purchases by 20% and selling items is now 25% more lucrative.


Black Marketeer has no tangible effect on in-heist gameplay, though it acts as a permanent 10% "discount" on all purchasable contracts, skills or items in the store. Acing the skill brings the discount value up to 40% and increases the sellback value of weapons, weapon mods and masks by 25%. This skill has no effect on the price of slots, which still cost $800,000 on-hand in all cases.


Black Marketeer does not affect gameplay at all while a heist is in progress. Its effect comes into play only when the player is buying contracts, weapons, or skills. Acing the skill will also increase profits from sold weapons by the listed percentage. Because it neither impedes nor aids the progress of any specific heists, players creating serious, maximum efficiency builds will likely not want to use this skill. Note that penny-pinchers can ace this skill before making large purchases, then immediately respec it back out, possibly saving money regardless. Likewise it is useful to grab just before stocking up all open slots, then going through with an Infamy reset.


  • The Black Marketeer is probably named after the black market seller.
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