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Barrel Sight 44
Barrel Sight 44
Type SightIcon Sight
Price $9,000
Drop Achievement
Concealment -2
Internal name wpn_fps_pis_c96_sight

The Barrel Sight 44 is a weapon modification available in PAYDAY 2 available to owners of the Gage Historical Pack DLC.


The Barrel Sight 44 is a barrel-mounted Sight for the Broomstick that provides a better aimpoint in at the cost of a larger weapon profile.


The Barrel Sight 44 is acquired by completion of the achievement "Special Operations Executive". Completing the achievement unlocks an unlimited supply of this modification.

Special Operations Execution Special Operations Execution
Kill 25 enemies while in stealth using the Trench knife. Unlocks the Red Bear mask, Short Barrel, Suppressed Barrel, Short Mag, Folded Stock, No Stock, Solid Stock, Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel for the Patchett L2A1 submachine gun, Barrel Sight 44, Damper.L 44 Nozzle for the Broomstick pistol, “Red Sun” material and “Death Dealer” pattern.

Compatible weaponsEdit



So Uncivilized So Uncivilized
Equip a Broomstick pistol with the Damper.L 44 Nozzle and the Barrel Sight 44. Unlocks the British Bulldog mask, High Capacity Mag and Holster Stock for the Broomstick pistol, "Army Green" material and "Filthy Thirteen" pattern.


  • This sight is unique in that it is shifted off to the right of the weapon rather than on top of it.
  • With the Damper.L 44 barrel extension and the Barrel Sight 44, the Broomstick can be made to closely resemble Han Solo's DL-44 heavy blaster pistol from the original trilogy of Star Wars. This is referenced by the Broomstick's "So Uncivilized" achievement, (a quote from the prequel film Revenge of the Sith) requiring the player to add both mods at once.

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