• 1. Under one of the two chairs next to the vending machine near the left back exit
  • 2. Behind the tellers on a counter
  • 3. In the cubicle area on a chair closest to the tellers
  • 4. In the cubicle area under the desk closest to the panic button
  • 5. In the back cubicle to the right of a bookshelf
  • 6. In the back cubicle to the left in a bookshelf
  • 7. To the right of the roof walkway, under a large metal pipe.
  • 8. On the roof under the air vent closest to the back of the bank
  • 9. Next to an air conditioning unit on the roof
  • 10. On the roof of the bank, in a corner formed by pipes connected to an air conditioning unit
  • 11. At the front entrance to the car park, between the blue dumpster and chain-link fence
  • 12. In the car park, beside a blue dumpster and hidden behind some garbage bags
  • 13. In the car park under where the camera feed asset is placed, next to a traffic cylinder
  • 14. At the back entrance of the bank, directly in front of a dumpster
  • 15. In the alley towards the back of the bank, to the right of the dumpster
  • 16. Directly to the right of the yellow newspaper vending machine on the corner of the street opposite the bank
  • 17. Under the bench next to the main entrance of the bank
  • 18. To the left of a dumpster in the alley opposite the front entrance
  • 19. Behind the fence in one of the alleys at the front of the bank
  • 20. In the alley at the opposite side of the entrance to the car park

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