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Armored Transport is a one-day DLC heist in PAYDAY 2. It was released on November 14, 2013 for the PC version of the game and is available upon the purchase of the eponymous DLC. The PS3 version of the DLC was released on June 24, 2014, but the Xbox360 version is still pending.

As the heist opens into live combat, it is impossible to stealth one's way through it and thus, no stealth bonuses are available for it.


"We've forced the Gensec trucks off the road at the corner of McCarty and James. Sure had those Time Out hipsters shitting into their latte macchitos. You're going to need to get into the trucks and then break open strongboxes inside. Whatever they're carrying, get it, and get out."
—Bain's plan.

Contracted by Bain, it involves the crew attacking immobilized GenSec armored trucks for the loot contained within. The heist takes place in one of five different settings: Crossroads, Downtown, Harbor, Park and Underpass.

While locations may vary, the prime objective is fixed: the crew will have to open anywhere from one to four GenSec armored trucks and loot their contents. The truck doors can be drilled or blasted open, though using explosives also destroys some of the loot.

Randomly, a Bulldozer maybe sitting inside one of the trucks and will engage the team once that truck is opened. The chances of this happening seems to increase with the heist's chosen difficulty.

Once the requisite amount of loot has been bagged, the crew must transport them to the designated escape vehicle.



  1. Drill or C4 into the immobilized trucks.
  2. Pick or saw open the safe boxes.
  3. Get the loot to the getaway vehicle.
  4. Escape.


Depending on the mission, there are between 1 and 4 armored transport trucks to be plundered. Their doors must first be opened, either by drilling or with 4 shaped charges. Note that the 2 side doors always open alongside the rear ones, so trucks are always open to fire (and access) from several sides but still provide some cover. Also note that using shaped charges will destroy a portion of the loot contained within the vehicle.

Inside the trucks are nine strongboxes along the left wall. Those must be individually either lock picked or sawed open with the OVE9000 saw (which is a good primary weapon to bring on this job). Loose cash items and bags can be found inside; depending on the mission bags can be either banknotes, jewellery or gold. The two rearmost armored boxes (and their content), as aforementioned, will be destroyed if the truck is blown open with C4. It can be a little difficult to find the correct angle to grab the contents of the middle row of boxes, so be sure to double check them. As soon as a bag item is picked up, Bain will send the escape vehicle under-way.

As of Update #33, there is a 50% chance that one of the boxes will contain secret documents which will unlock the bonus Train heist as a follow-up after successfully completion of the armored transport mission.

Trucks will often have a standard GenSec red shirt waiting within the rear compartment, but players may find a Bulldozer waiting for them if playing above normal difficulty.

The loot recovery and escape vehicle will be sent once the required number of bags have been stolen:

  • In the Harbor scenario, the vehicle might either be a boat (near the rightmost end of the dock) or a van (near the leftmost end of the dock or on the street opposite of the warehouse). If the heist happened in the street and not on the dock, it might be a good idea to move the bags towards the dock area while waiting for its arrival (bags can be thrown up from the street into the storage room overlooking the street, which is a decent defensive position closer to the docks).
  • In the Downtown scenario, you might escape either via helicopter (from the roof on the building opposite from the starting point) or van (at the starting point).
  • In the Park scenario, the escape vehicle and loot rally point is the traditional blue van parked at an intersection near the park's perimeter.
  • In the Underpass scenario, the escape van will be parked in one of the two nearby alleyways, one near the underpass's entrance and one past a service area adjacent to the tunnel itself.
  • In all other cases, the vehicle is a van parking not far from an edge of the map. Be advised that depending on your luck and position, quite a lot of running and carrying (or throwing) out in the open might be required to reach it.

The Crossroads is the most difficult version of all 5, with police attacking from basically all angles and a heavy sniper presence. It has the highest payout, though, and cash registers in surrounding stores plus 5 ATM's in the street can provide additional income.



If you Liked it you Should Have Put a Ring on It If you Liked it you Should Have Put a Ring on It

Finish any Armored Transport heist, having secured at least 9 bags of gold.

I do What I do Best, I Take Scores I do What I do Best, I Take Scores

While wearing the "Hockey Heat" mask, finish any Armored Transport heist 15 times on OVERKILL difficulty.

But Wait - There's More! But Wait - There's More!

On any Armored Transport heist, find the plans that unlocks the Train heist.

At a Crossroads At a Crossroads

Complete the Transport: Crossroads job on the Death Wish difficulty.

Downtown Madness Downtown Madness

Complete the Transport: Downtown job on the Death Wish difficulty.

Shipment and Handling Shipment and Handling

Complete the Transport: Harbor job on the Death Wish difficulty.

A Walk in the Park A Walk in the Park

Complete the Transport: Park job on the Death Wish difficulty.

It’s Always Foggy in Washington D.C. It’s Always Foggy in Washington D.C.

Complete the Transport: Underpass job on the Death Wish difficulty.

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