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Arkansas Toothpick
Arkansas Toothpick
Unlock Level 28
Inventory Slot Melee
Melee Type Knife • Sharp
Damage 30 42.5 55 67.5 80
Knockdown 30 42.5 55 67.5 80
Charge Time 0s 0.5s 1s 1.5s 2s
Range 2.25 meters
Concealment 30
Internal name bowie
Nine inches of clip-point fighting steel. It's origins lie in the age of the classic pirate, but it was the famous Brawl of Carroll County (and a dozen bloodied men) that brought it wide-spread fame.

The Arkansas Toothpick is a melee weapon available in PAYDAY 2, added with the release of The Butcher's Western Pack.


While its damage, charge time and knockdown are directly copied from the Potato Masher, the Arkansas Toothpick has an astonishing range despite being a knife; its range is longer than the Scalper Tomahawk, which was released alongside it with The Butcher's Western Pack. It also has a fairly high concealment rating.

The Arkansas Toothpick is fairly unique among the melee weapons in that its charged knockdown is actually lower than the uncharged knockdown. This property is also shared with the Potato Masher.


  • It is recommended that players prepare a charge before attacking enemies.
  • If a player wishes for more damage, it is recommended that they get Berserker, Pumping Iron and Bloodthirst Aced from the Brawler skill tree.
  • If a player wishes for more knockdown, use Martial Arts Aced.


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