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"The ammo bag is a portable bag, originally intended to allow soldiers to carry extra ammunition."
—In-game description.
Ammo bag
Unlocked by Enforcer
Equipment slot Deployable


The Ammo bag is a deployable piece of equipment that the player can use to replenish their ammunition reserves by interacting with it. Like in PAYDAY: The Heist, its rate of depletion is linearly proportional to the percentage of the weapons' ammo pools being restored. The player can carry 1 extra ammo bag by unlocking the Ammunition Specialist skill, and then gain 2 additional uses (+200%) of each bag by acing the skill.

The Basic Ammo bag contains 3 uses (300%) for one weapon. Calculation is made in percentages, so a fully loaded shotgun (30 slugs) has an exact equal percentage to a fully loaded assault rifle (90-150 cartridges), both being exactly 100% of a single player's total ammo pool for one weapon.

This allows you to go take ammo when you want without really caring, since you won't use a full charge of reloading, but rather reduce the bag's amount by the exact percentage taken. However, note that each shot for a weapon with a small Total Ammo pool will take away a larger percentage of an ammo bag each time it is restocked; take this into account when selecting your weapons, especially if your crew is going into a long heist without bringing a lot of ammo bags.

Ammo bags will visually empty as they are used. This can help give players the calculation of remaining ammunition.

Note: The Ammo bag will prioritize secondary weapons. If there is not enough ammo to fill both of your weapons, the bag will first refill your secondary and then your primary.


  • The rifle magazines sticking out of the Ammo Bag has a visible spring rod guide tab and a gas refill nozzle on their undersides, obviously pointing out Overkill's tendency to model their weapons and equipment's based on airsoft products.

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