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Unlocked N/A (always available)
Equipment slot Primary
Power Moderate
Range High
Rate of fire High

The AMCAR-4 is a fully automatic assault rifle. Along with the B9-S, it is one of the two weapons with which players start the game. There are upgrades for it in all three of the original skill trees; damage with the Assault tree, accuracy with the Sharpshooter tree, and magazine capacity with the Support tree.


The AMCAR-4 boasts good accuracy and stopping power. It can be used most effectively at close to medium range, but it can still engage targets effectively well outside a shotgun's range. Long-distance targets can be hit more easily by firing in single shots.

Although powerful when used correctly, the AMCAR-4 exhausts ammunition very quickly. This is especially important to remember on harder difficulty levels, where the enemies are tougher and more numerous. Manual two-shot bursts, and single shots are recommended to improve accuracy and help conserve ammunition.

Fully upgraded, the AMCAR-4 is capable of killing Heavy SWAT with two headshots. Lightly armored units will usually take two body shots to kill. It can kill Tasers and Cloakers in a little over four headshots.


Upgrade Level requirement
Damage increase I Assault 1
Accuracy I Sharpshooter 1
Mag increase I (25 rounds) Support 3
Accuracy II (nozzle upgrade) Sharpshooter 5
Accuracy III Sharpshooter 12
Mag increase II (30 rounds) Support 12
Damage increase II Assault 15
Accuracy IV (reflex sight) Sharpshooter 16


  • The AMCAR-4 is based on the M4A1. The name "AMCAR-4" is possibly a double reference to both "M4A1" and "CAR-15", the predecessor to the M4A1. The AMCAR-4's upgrades are a CAR-15 muzzle brake and EOTech 551/552.
  • The weapon's model always has the fire-selector in the "safe" position. It's unknown why the AMCAR-4 is on safety. But it still fires.
  • Two weapons in PAYDAY 2 have names deriving from the AMCAR-4: the AMCAR and CAR-4.

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